Sunday, June 26, 2005

Binder Accessory: Sheet Protectors

Sheet protectors are in many ways an overseen item that many just taken for granted as "just another office supply". Being that I have been working in this field for many years I have found its worth taken the time and make some comments to this as many questions are received everyday at

For a starter it should be defined that we are dealing with and what differences may be for the many types of sheet protectors, page protectors, holders, pockets, folders, covers, file jackets, etc etc. The fact is these are very loved and some very well-known products and as everyone knows loved product has many names. Lets start with the names or just a few and put a definition to them just to make some sense of it all.

Sheet protector (s) are in general meant to be a folded plastic welded at the bottom and left side and punched with 3 or more holes to make it possible to attach in a ring binder. Page protectors are in general doing the same thing it is just another word for the same product. In the office world the word: sheet protector is usually used and in the world of the scrap bookers the word page protectors are used. The word: pocket is usually used for the above as well.

File jackets, file folders, letter cover in general present a different type of product with another purpose. A File Jacket is a folded plastic sheet (usually at left side) open top and right side with a thumb notch hole or half moon hole at the left side as well for easy opening and browsing true paper contents. The basic idea with this item simply to sort and divide papers traditionally at the desk with or without letter trays, but also very often for use with hang files for file cabinets, or just for use on the go in once brief case or similar.

Holder are traditionally seen as type of pages that hold something heaver than just a couple of pieces of papers. As an example: 3-1/2 diskettes, zip disks, Cd, DVD, etc. Holders are punched with holes and fit into ring-binders as well.

This sums it up to tree major groups:

  • sheet protectors/page protectors/pocket are all pages that stores paper and are pre-punched for use with binders.
  • file jackets /file folders/ letter covers are all pages made to store paper and open on two sides top and right side. They are not punched and are not meant to be used with ring binders.
  • Holders are pre-punched storage pages that holds heavier loads as mentioned and are pre-punched for use in ring binders.

It should be mentioned that there are some products that may not fit the above groups completely but in general every type of storage page fit into one of the above 3 groups more or less.
One thing all 3 groups has in common they are made in "soft plastic film" in thickness between 1.5 - 8 Mil (40 - 200 Micron). Most of them are folded and welded together. For choice of material there are several different types but that is an article in itself and I will get into this at a later point along with issues on archival safety (see also: there is a section concerning this matter.

I hope you enjoyed my short article concerning sheet protector matters. More will follow in the coming period and I hope you will read along with interest. Should you have any questions or concerns you would like to have answered you are very welcome to contact me by e-mail or or go to and contact me directly this way. You are also very welcome to sign up for our news letter that are published 5 - 7 times a year.

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