Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Keepfiling did it again. . . .

Once again we updated our link pages. Again with more links and more relevant links that cover articles as well as links to other web sites that deal with the similar issues as Keepfiling is working with and answer questions to on a daily basis.

At this time we tried to divide the links into 4-5 different groups:

Organizing Resources
Photo Archival Storage Articles
Scrapbooking Resources
Genealogy Websites

This in addition to a "Miscellaneous Group" which we at a later point expect to split up even further as we get more links that can get categorised into even more relevant groups.
Eventually our goal is to provide the most valid resources for the support of the products we carry in our assortment at KeepFiling.

If you find there may be a "missing" group that could support our product listing even further with information and articles then please don't hesitate to contact us with your suggestions. All suggestions are appreciated.

If you have a web site yourself you are of cause also welcome to link direkt to us or if you would like to swap links that is another options you may wish to look further into. Take a look at one of the above mentioned pages and you will find a direkt link to a page with further information in regards to this.

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