Thursday, June 20, 2013

File Jackets

When I was younger, I had a summer job helping out this company send out their brochures and business cards to potential clients. We would always staple the business card together with the brochure to make sure they are together before sending them out in envelopes

But why would they would want to do that? - and ruin such nicely printed cards and brochures by stapling them and having the potential clients rip them apart, where after the presentation would look, well less than professional.

Now many years later and by chance I found the solution; file jackets. They are super simply and easy to work with and I would most definitely suggest to my old company to use file jackets or plastic folders to hold the contents together clean and neatly when sending material to customers. Perhaps I should stop by some time again :-)

Check our Keepfiling's File Jackets (item no. 13280) video it does exactly that, and more!

Apart form being a good presentation folder, these file jackets work great as well for everyday organizing; keep things like receipts, coupons, letters, etc., organized and sorted.

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