Friday, February 14, 2014

Benefits of Being Organized - Part 3

Previously we looked at how organizing helps in the office and with school, now lets see what the benefits are for being organized at home.

As parents, finding the balance between working a full time job and parenting can be difficult.  Unless of course you are a full time housewife/dad, but that in itself can also be a difficult thing to manage and for sure being organized can help.  It will help you save tremendous time and reduce the amount of stress you might experience from trying to keep up with a hectic daily routine.  Imagine spending everyday going through unorganized items looking for something you need, or mixing up your kids schedule and rushing to your next activity.  Doesn't sound like an easy job to do daily - unless of course you are organized and well prepared everyday. 

Handling Receipts/Coupons/Letters/Bills etc. 
One of the many tasks a parent faces is groceries shopping and a lot of times moms will have coupons to use to help save money.  These coupons are usually printed onto smaller pieces of papers as tabs that can be ripped off from flyers or newspapers.

Moms will cut them out and maybe put them into their wallets so they can use it next time.  The problem with that is more often than not moms might lost these coupons or forget about them, so instead of putting them into their wallets we suggest a binder to keep track of these coupons.  A Mini Binder with sheet protectors would be the perfect fit - a small and easy to handle binder that easily fits into any cabinets or shelves.  This way you will always know where the coupons are, and if you really wanted to be organized you can even split the coupons into different categories, for example - different expiring date.

Apart from coupons, you can also organize for receipts, letters, bills, warranties, and all other paperwork you might find at home.

PS.  We even have a set up for you to keep your recipes organized.  Check them out here!

If You Have Kids
It goes without saying that it is important for parents to keep track of their kids school work and extra curricular activities.  Whether that is to keep letters from the school about their kids, homework that the receive, or reports card that they get, nothing helps more than having a binder to store all these materials.  I remember personally that my mom had a binder full of my old school things like report cards and awards.  Not only is it great to have a binder to organize them at that time, but it also becomes a great album to look at down the road to reminisce about the past.

Another thing about having kids is to keep track of their schedules - when class ends, what time does soccer practice start, when is extra math lessons and so forth.  It can be overwhelming and although some parents might actually be able to remember it all, it doesn't hurt to print a copy of their schedule to help remind you.

Stick it on the fridge or wherever is best for you, but often the problem is the schedule might see it's fair share of wear and tear and eventually get ruined.  So why not use a sheet protector, place the schedule inside and then hang it.  The sheet protector will keep the schedule clean and prevent it from being ruined.
Hang the sheet protectors to use them as frames for schedules !

Parents that decide to homeschool their kids will find being organized is even more important.  Using binders and sheet protectors will become essential in keeping homeschool materials organized and ready to use for their children.  In fact our Mini Binders are made prefect for some of the homeschool materials out there today like the Classical Conversation homeschool cards. 

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