Monday, January 11, 2016

Need a good presentation binder? We have the right binder for you.

View binders make for excellent presentation binders as they often have a clear front cover that lets you insert a cover sheet for your presentation.

Our White Zen View Binders take it one step further an offers a mounting sheet that helps you insert the cover sheet, and more importantly helps to keep it centered in the binder cover.  We designed he custom mounting sheet as we noticed that a lot of view binders on the market lets you insert a cover sheet, but more often than not the cover sheet will move over time and be misaligned.  As professionals we understand the importance of appearances and having a presentation with a slated cover sheet does not portray professionalism, so we wanted to fix that.

Each mounting sheet is designed with 'tabs' that will hold you cover sheet in place.  Simply lift up the tabs and slide your covers sheet under them to keep it secured.  It may sound difficult at first, but it's definitely very user friendly and once you see how it works you'll be able to use the mounting sheet without any problem.

Like we said, we designed the Zen Binders with the intention to help you improve the appearances of your presentations.  We accomplish that by including mounting sheets for each binder you purchase.  To help even more, we've also created kits that you can purchase and use immediately as presentations.

Each kit includes:
  1. A White Zen View Binder (and it's mounting sheet of course)
  2. Matching sheet protectors (quantity will vary depending on the size of the binder you need)
Keepfiling Presentation Kits available in 5 sizes.

Our kits are aimed to help you get started with your presentations right away.  All kits are ready for use immediately as they come with matching sheet protectors so you don't have to worry about getting the wrong size for you presentation.

Shop now on Keepfiling for Presentation Kits and get 10% OFF on all kits. 

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