Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Warning about Sheet Protector Purchase 

We don't post often on our blok here but lately we have had a lot of enquiries from people purchasing sheet protectors on-line and been very disappointed about their purchase.  

Contacted by the customer on our chat service the customer would share the link from where they made their purchase on-line and asked question to it. It may be from eBay, Walmart Marketplace or Amazon Marketplace. But they all have a few things in comments and much disappointment and time could have been saved.

Look for these warning signs

1) The product description is insufficient. Size and measurements don't match or add up when comparing inches and metric numbers.  Example: One customer complained her music sheet did not fit a 9x12 inch page as listed in the description with one of the larges retailers in the US. Sadly the person making the listing overseas did not understand the variations of page sizes used in the US or took the time to list the exact product dimension.

Sheet protector made too narrow for letter size paper

Folding the paper in the sheet protector

Too narrow as waves

Examples of letter size pages made too narrow.

2) Thickness of the sheet may list "standard" when in fact it is what we consider in this country "lightweight".
The listed measurement listed: "4C" as in one example.  C is not a gauge of distance (thickness) anywhere in the world. In that particular instance it was believed the description should have listed: 40C - for; 40 micron thickness and C for Clear.  40 micron is lightweight and flimsy just like the customer complained about.

3) A customer complained about the clarity of the sheet protector received. They were not "clear sheet protectors" as described on the packing. Again here in the US we consider clear to be as transparent as window glass perhaps. But overseas clear may be anything where you can see the content. in the page. We may consider that an "non-glare" or "frosted". There are different expectation and standards around the world. 

Common Product Listing Issues

The three exampels about have one thing in common. The product listing was made overseas by a company that would sell everything from bike parts to household products. I don't know anything about bike parts and clearly they don't about office supplies.  Focus.


Don't just look at the number of stars in the rating. Fake ratings can be purchased on-line by the 1,000th. It's not allowed by most market places but it is common practice overseas in places as China and as Walmart, Amazon, etc. open up for overseas listings this common practise has followed along. The examples listed above all had +4 star rating. 

What products do the vender focus on. Do they offer a line of products or just a single product. If they offer a line of matching products most likely they have invested time and effort understanding the marketplace and the quality requirement by the customer and hopefully use standard terms within that industry, example: "Heavyweight" Standard, and "Super Heavyweight" as in the case with sheet protectors. It is of cause an "unwritten" laws so everyone can set their own standards and some US retailers do this for their own store brands so it is not an assurance. Often seen with Dollar Stores and supermarkets particular around back to school time. 


If you are looking for "it will do" kind of purchase well then perhaps it is worth taking a chance but ask yourself if it is worth the aggravation, disappointment and time and wait. Why not make a good purchase once for all, get the products needed get the project done and move on with life happy knowing a nice project got finished for future use and enjoyment.

At Keepfiling we got more than 25 years of experience with filing product and if you have any questions feel free to head over to our site and send us a question by either e-mail or chat.

Note: For the purpose of this article link could have been posted to the above examples but there is no reason to provoke anyone risking lawsuits, etc. or for ethical matter step on anyone. Life it difficult enough.

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