Monday, July 03, 2023

Rescue my Precious Scrapbook


Here is what we have received from a Keepfiling customer:

Today I received my order of 2 packs of 11x 17" sheet protectors in hopes that they could rescue my precious scrapbook that I made when our baby girl was born 53 years ago in November of 1969.  I had searched and searched on the internet trying to find a solution to my problem of the pages of the scrapbook literally disintegrating in my hands.  I think I caught it just in the nick of time.  I measured and re-measured and looked at the positions of the holes for binding and took a shot and ordered them from you, not really feeling confident that they would work.

I just had to tell you that they are PERFECT!  In order for the pages to fit in the protectors, I cut off the side where the hole punches were and then the pages fit perfectly into the sheet protectors.  Some of the pages actually had already become totally detached from the book.  It's a miracle for sure!  My husband and I can't get over how they have saved this book for us, our daughter and our granddaughters and future generations.  These are priceless photos and the joy of being able to keep them and the original written explanations on the original pages just can't be expressed adequately.

Attached are some photos I took this afternoon to try to show you what bad shape the pages were in and how they fit so nicely in the protectors. 

The damaged pages as they are being inserted into the new sheet protectors.
I imagine there isn't much call for this size sheet protector (since I couldn't find anyone else who sold them) so I want to give you my heartfelt thanks for you having them available for sale.  Definitely a small price to pay to keep family history safe.

Finished results after updating the old binder with Keepfilng 11x17 Sheet Protectors (no: 13503)

Thank You Thank You Thank You!  You are the BEST!

Linda Harrington
Issaquah, Washington
Keepfiling Note: It is very warmhearted to receive such a wonderful note with detailed description and photos. Linda, thanks for letting us share this mail (we asked before publishing it here).