Monday, April 17, 2006

What Sheet Protector Weight is my best choice ????

We get the question real often what sheet protector weight should I choose ????

The fact is that really depend upon many factors and it is just not only a questions with a black or white answer.

Super Heavyweight Sheet Protectors
Are great for long term storage as well as heavy usage. They will hardly ever wear out and they will keep the document protected in the best possible way as the possibility for pending the page is limited to a absolute minimum.

Heavy Weight Sheet Protectors
Properly the best sheet protector to the price generally speaking. Good heavy duty quality will last a long time and is easier to work with compared to a standard or economy sheet protector that folds or bend easier.

Standard Weight Sheet Protectors
This weight is great when you have to file a lot of pages. Let say several thousand as it can be made for a great price and due to the thickness of the page a lot of pages can be filed in a ring binder.

Economy Sheet Protectors
Not sure what the great take is on this type of sheet protector. Yes the cost less than standard weight sheet protectors but the difference is normally only a few cents. However being as thin as they are and often 1/4 inch narrower than other sheet protectors its very hard to work with them. At the same time the polypropylene film is so thin that it gives almost next to no protection when it come to bending the page by mistake.

Personally I always prefer super heavy weight sheet protectors, perhaps because I work with these types of products for so many years it simply makes you kind of a "sheet protector geek" but is would properly not be any different lets say someone is working with phones they would learn to appreciate phones and the technique involved.

You can also take a look on this web page it will provide more information on the definition of material thickness and sheet protectors at

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