Thursday, August 17, 2006

Clear Sheet Protectors

I am on-line making a search for: CLEAR SHEET PROTECTORS -But why make a search for CLEAR SHEET PROTECTORS now that almost all sheet protectors are clear anyway. Well atleast more or less compared to what type of material they are made in but they are all clear because else it would not be possible to see the material stored inside the sheet protector.

In all reality there are different types of material used for sheet protectors as mentioned and as most materials are based on polypropylene or PVC (the same as vinyl) it is often the embossing of the film during the production that makes the largest different between a glass clear sheet protectors and low reflective or low glare sheet protectors. This of cause in addition to the thickness of the material which may also play a part. But adjectives can be mixed into the product and a non-glare sheet protectors or frosted sheet protectors will be the end result at the finish line.

Low reflective sheet protectors and low glare sheet protectors are often made in orange peel polypropylene in different thickness. It has a tiny embossing in the surface of the film 3 - 5 micron at most and so little that is can hardly be seen with the naked eye.

Glass clear sheet protectors and crystal clear sheet protectors are often made in a polished polypropylene again in different thickness. The surface of the film is completely smooth and there are not suppose to be any grains to be seen in the film.

Non glare sheet protectors or frosted sheet protectors can be made with or without the embossed surface but it has a mixed in adjective in the film which make them look frosted. A quality product would have a smooth surface.

Over all the listed clear sheet protectors above are all clear as to where you can see the content of the clear sheet protector easily without any problems with standard working light.

To purchase clear sheet protectors in some of the different types as listed about take a look at this web site: Clear sheet protectors good luck with your filing.

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