Wednesday, August 09, 2006

File Jacket and Document Jackets -fast and easy to use !

Top loading sheet protectors has one fault if any. They are top loading only and not particular easy to use for fast daily filing on the desk. This is were file jackets come in as a great substitute.

This simple products is folded at left side welded at the bottom and open at the top and right side. Open on two side makes it very easy to insert and retrieve paper work again and again. Available in different colors and they are very easy to use for sorting between projects or job applications. They are also perfect for enclosing once job application as it fit needly in standard letter size envelope and as so easily makes your job application to stand out in the crowed.

Plastic File Jackets is usual made in archival safe, non stick polypropylene which makes them great for long term storage as well as short term storage.

Click here for more information on where to get file jackets and presentation covers

If you are searching for more information you can also take a look at this page at keepfiling it repeat some to the issues as descripted above as well as provide more ideas for how and were to use file jackets.

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