Friday, November 10, 2006

Material gauge for sheet protectors

When shopping for sheet protectors and page protectors you wish to make sure you buy the product you actual need. There are wide variety of different products available just for storing a single sheet of letter size paper.

There are different gauge of material often listed with some loosly guiding terms as:

  • Super heavy weight sheet protectors
  • Heavy weight sheet protectors
  • Standard weight sheet protectors
  • Light weight sheet protectors or economy sheet protectors

Depending upon what manufacture and brand name you look at the thickness of the material fluctuate a lot. And some brand name has over the years keeps the name and item number on the box i.e. for heavy weight but diluted the material thickness continually.

Searching the web you will find that some dealer do list material thickness on the sheet protectors. Staples is one of them for an example and doing a good job at it. Keepfiling is another and do this with a nice comparison graph indicating the material thickness and the weight of a box with 100 sheets enclosed. Weight perhaps the easiest way for a fast comparison between dealers if they do not not list actual material thickness. After all how many got a tool to measure the thickness of paper and sheet protectors in their desk.

As mentioned got a nice graph/chart which can be found here: Material gauge for plastic files It can be used for comparing sheet protectors between brands.
Look at it and I am sure you will find it worth your time. Most likely also preventing you getting the wrong item and doing returns at a later point.

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