Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Color Edge Sheet Protectors

One my favorites, and probably the most versatile sheet protectors available on are the Color Edge Sheet Protectors.  As the name suggests, these protectors are designed with a simple color edge that gives you the option to use them in several different ways.

One way to use them is as indexes in between your other sheet protectors.  This is a great way to divided your documents into different sections.

The other way to use them is to help you organize your documents into different categories by using the different colors available.  For example: you can divide up your bills, receipts and coupons into different sheet protectors - red for bills, yellow for receipts, and blue for coupons.   

These sheet protectors also have a few unique features that are very helpful.  The Fast Loading function, which has the sheet protector opens at the top and 1/3 down the right side makes loading paper much faster and easier.  You will also notice that these sheet protectors are made slightly wider allowing for more storage where each sheet can hold up to 25 pages.  

Overall, these sheet protectors are just as good as your normal top loading sheet protectors, but with a simple innovative design that gives it more diversity and options in how they can be used.

Check out our YouTube video and see the sheet protectors in action!

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