Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cleaning Tips

Once in awhile we get the question if it is possible to clean our sheet protectors and binders ??? They may have been sitting on the shelf for some time or simply been in a dirty environment so it is a straight forward question.

In basic it is all about the use of common sense. Try not to use any chemicals or too much water. A damp cloth may be able to do the trick or use lightly of your favorite glass cleaner as to avoid leaving any streaks or residue. 
As with all household tips. Try in a corner first just to make sure nothing goes wrong and make sure to take out the content of the test sheet before making the test. It is important to make a test as various household cleaners react differently to different type of material.

We have made a small test for you in the video below check it out and let us have your comment below.

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