Friday, May 31, 2013

Organizing CDs and Documents

Backing up your work is always important because you never know what can happen.  Most backups today are done on external hard drives as they provide more storage space and is generally a faster process than say compared to backing up onto a CD.  However, CD backups are still being done and a lot times people use CD backups so they can organize their soft and hard copy work together. 

At Keepfiling, we have the perfect sheet protector for you to organize both your soft and hard copy work together - the CD Document Holder; item no. 14110.

In some cases, designers might even use this type of sheet protectors to send their work to printers.  They will store the CD in the pocket, while have the printed version in the document section as a reference for the printer to refer to when printing.

The CD Document Holder:
  • Is a letter size sheet protector that can store your printed documents - 10 pages;
  • Opens at the top and 1/2 way down the right side for easy loading, and also makes browsing your documents more convenient.  
  • Has separate pockets designed to hold 1 CD and an index label;
  • Has a security flap to keep both the CD and index label from falling out.  

These sheet protectors will definitely help you keep things organized either at home or at the office.

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