Saturday, July 20, 2013

How to choose sheet protectors:
Part 1 – Light Weight vs. Standard Weight

I often get the question ‘What type of sheet protector should I buy?’, and my answer is always ‘It depends on how you will use them.’

Sheet protectors often come in different weights – at Keepfiling, we offer four: light weight, standard weight, heavyweight, and super heavyweight. The weight of the sheet protectors is a result of the material gauge, which refers to the thickness of the material that is being used to make the sheet protectors. As you can imagine, the thicker the material is (or the higher the material gauge) then the heavier the sheet protector is.

The weight of the sheet protectors has a significant role in determining how the sheet protectors can be used. Don’t be intimidated by the different ‘weight classes’ because in fact it’s a very simple concept – the heavier the sheet protector, the more durable it is, which means they are suitable for an everyday use. Have a look below at each ‘weight class’ and it will help you understand what type or what weight sheet protectors is best for your needs.

Light Weight and Standard Weight

As the weighs suggest, the material gauge used for these sheet protectors is very low meaning the material is not thick. You will notice this the moment you pick up a light weight sheet protector as you can feel the flimsiness of it. Being so flimsy, these sheet protectors are definitely not meant to absorb the wear and tear of being used on a regular basis like in a menu of a restaurant that customers flip through every day. The standard weight is made with thicker material and can absorb more wear and tear compared to the light weight, but is still not meant for fre!quent use.

Made with lesser amount of materials, these two types of sheet protectors are probably the most economical as they offer protection to your document at the lowest cost.

If you are looking for the cheapest protectors for your documents you don’t use often then the light weight would be your choice, great for temporary storage. If you need something that is a little more durable and at a low cost, then the standard weight is your choice.

Have a look at our website and check out the light weight and standard weight sheet protectors we carry!

Apart from the light and standard weight, we also have heavyweight and super heavyweight available.  Check back in a few days to find out more about them!

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