Monday, November 25, 2013

14x17 Binder

The 14x17 binder is one of the larger binders available on Keepfiling.  It is great for storing 14x17 documents like artworks and paintings.  The binder is designed with extra room to make sure your 14x17 sheet protectors or documents won't hang off the edge.

Other features include:

Keepfiling 14x17 Binder
  • Easy-to-remove spine label - template for label available to download here
  • Finger hole on spine to make moving the binder on and off shelves easier
  • Extra rubber band closure to keep binder closed
  • Designer look curved front cover
  • Black coated D-rings to keep documents stacked evenly

This 14x17 binder is perfect for artists who needs a portfolio to display or keep their artworks.  It is durable, archival safe, and has a professional look that will impress those who view it.  We also have 14x17 Extra Heavyweight Sheet Protectors that can go with the binder and is great for keeping your artwork or document safe, and easy to view with it's crystal clear material. 

Check out the video to see the binder in action!

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