Monday, March 10, 2014

The Guide for Scrapbook Newbies - Part 2: Binder Types

Our first tip last week for scrapbook newbies was to point out to them the importance of knowing what their scrapbook is going to be for in order to pick out a size to use - whether it's a 8x10 mini photo album or a full 12x12 scrapbook, knowing the right size from the start will save you a lot of trouble down the road in creating your work.

The next thing you need to consider once you've picked a size is the type of binder and sheet protectors you want to use.  In terms of binders, there are several types out on the market today that you will find.

Ring Binders
Just like any typical ring binders you would use for office documents, these ring binders can also be used for scrapbooks.  They offer great flexibility and allows you to rearrange your pages by taking them out of the rings.  The rings used are often easy to open and close (no extra tools required), and sometimes are even equipped with boosters to make it even easier.  

Post-bound or Strap-hinge
These are basically 3 part binders - the front and back covers, and page protectors all held together by either posts (like screws) or hinges.  The page protectors are sandwiched in between the front and back cover and are screwed together on the side.  You are free to add or remove pages as you like depending on how many pages the books can hold.  This usually means you will have to unscrew the post or hinges either with a coin or a tool that they may or may not provide.

Unlike ring binders and post-bound scrapbooks, these booklet type binders are confined to a certain number of pages - what you see if what you get.  You can't add extra or remove page protectors from the scrapbook as they are all wielded together on the edge.

1. Ring binders            |  2. Post-bound            |  3. Booklets
Which type to use?
The answer to this question will vary, again, based on what the scrapbook is for.  If you need flexibility to add and remove pages then for sure the ring and post-bound binders will work better for you.  When comparing those two, the ring binders will be easier to use because it does not require extra tools to open up the binding edges in order to add or remove pages.  Booklets are not recommended since you can't add extra pages if needed, but it is still sometimes a good choice because they tend to be thinner and some are of great quality that make them presentable. 

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