Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Guide for Scrapbook Newbies - Part 3: Page Protector Types

Tip 3 of our scrapbook guide points to the importance of using the right page protectors, and there are several keys you need to keep in mind:
  1. Material type
  2. Page protector finish
  3. Top-loading or side-loading
Material Type
There are three types of materials that page protectors can be made from: Polyester or Mylar, Polypropylene, and Polyethylene.

Polyester or Mylar are the best materials to protect your photographs and artwork.  However, they are also the most expensive material to make page protectors from.  You're looking at around $1.50/page, and they are usually sold in packs of 10. 

Polypropylene is probably the most ideal type of page protector material, and is commonly used amongst scrapbook enthusiasts.  They are durable and reasonably priced.  Standard weight Polypropylene page protectors will work like a charm and if you want something even more durable, some brands offer them in heavyweight and super heavyweight polypropylene.  Keepfiling's scrapbook page protectors are all made from polypropylene. 

Polyethylene page protectors are the cheapest of the three.  They do just as good of a job when you need to organize your scrapbook contents.  However, the overall finish of the page protector is sometimes not as clean compared to polypropylene. 

Page Protector Finish
Although most scrapbookers will choose the clear page protectors because it obviously makes it much easier to see the contents, someone people do like to choose the non-glare because of it's subtle and subdue look.  This is merely a choice of preference but it's good to know that these options are available.  Visit our website for more information on clear versus non-glare.

Top-loading or Side-Loading
Again, this is really a choice of preference whether you like to load your pages from the side or from the top.  One advantage side-loading page protectors might have is that it will probably do a better job at preventing dusts from going into your pages as you keep your scrapbooks on shelves.

A Few General Rules:
  • Always look for acid free page protectors as this helps to protect your contents. 
  • STAY AWAY from magnetic, and vinyl page protectors (even if they are labelled acid free).  These page protectors will almost always destroy your photos and that is not what you need.  
Scrapbooking has changed tremendously over the years.  It started out as a simple pastime activity for moms, and has now turned into an art form that some people might even feel intimidated or overwhelmed to get into. If you are new to scrapbooking, we hope this quick guide put you into the right direction, or if you are an expert already we hope this reminds you some of the basics to scrapbooking.  There are tons of other sources online to learn about scrapbooking and as it is now an art form, there is no right or wrong to what you can do - so just be opened minded to what others have done and put them together with your own ideas!
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