Friday, April 18, 2014

Why Use Sheet Protectors ?

We always talk about how durable our sheet protectors are and how it will protect your documents, but we've never actually showed you how they actually perform.  Well have a look below at our latest video demonstrating exactly how durable our sheet protectors are!

They are made from strong polypropylene material and are not easy to break as you can see in the video when we try to split the edge with a finger.  Next we open the sheet protector and attempt to punch through it from within inside - no damage done. 

In the second part of the video we highlight the fact that our sheet protectors are pre-punched with holes to fit ring binders.  There was a time when sheet protectors weren't pre-punched and you actually had to punch holes through the sheet protector and your paper in order for it to go into binders.Pre-punched sheet protectors are great because it helps avoid the problem you see in the video when you might create a mess with all the small punched put paper pieces.

In this particular video we used a heavyweight letter size sheet protector punched for 3 ring binders.  For some models we offer multi-punched holes to fit different ring binders like 2, 3, 4 and 5 rings.  

The third part of the video shows that the pre-punched holes are very strong and won't rip as easily as some other brands of sheet protectors.  This is important because the stronger the holes, the more durable the sheet protectors are when it comes to turning pages.  Sheet protectors with holes that break easily will often rip apart when you flip through them in a binder.  With strong holes, it ensures that when you turn your pages the holes won't rip and you pages will stay intact.  The holes are so strong on our sheet protectors that a single sheet can withhold the weight of the entire binder filled with pages.

In the final part we demonstrate the utmost importance of sheet protectors - protecting your documents.  Whether you're at home or in the office, there is always the chance of accidentally spilling water, or even worse coffee, onto your work table with all your documents on them.  If you're not using sheet protectors then when you spill coffee, your document is basically ruined with coffee stains.  With sheet protectors, even when you spill coffee your document is safe and won't be stained.  As you can see, the sheet protector is easy to clean as well and any spills won't damage it in any way.

Keeping your papers safe and clean is the number one priority for sheet protectors but we also pay attention to the details and the small things to make sure that they are of great quality and can be used for a long time. 

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