Friday, May 09, 2014

NEW Binder Label Templates - Free

Labeling your binder is an important part of being organized.  It tells you what you're storing in your binders and also makes it easier for identifying them when they are on shelves.  Well made binders today will have some sort of pocket on the spine so you can put a label into, and that is exactly what Keepfiling binders feature. 

Keepfiling spine labels
We like to call it the Easy-to-Remove Spine Label.

The labels you put in can be a simple piece of paper with text, or if you wish to put in some design you can as well and that is what we're offering to our customers with these new label templates.
Apart from having text on the label so that you know what's inside, having nice labels also makes the binders look ascetically better when they are lined up on your shelves. We've come up several designs that matches our binders and uses the same color design.

The labels will fit into any of our Keepfiling binders and will for sure add a bit of excitement to the binders when you put the labels to use.

Visit Keepfiling's new Templates page, and choose your favorite spine label now!

Keepfiling Solid Color Design Spine Label
Keepfiling Professional Design Spine Label
Keepfiling Box Design Spine Label
Keepfiling Triangle Design Spine Label
Solid Color

You can download all these templates for at no cost. They are FREE.  Follow these simple instructions and you'll have your labels in less than 5 minutes!

  1. Pick a template and visit the template's page to download the file. 
  2. Open the template file with Microsoft Word.
  3. Edit the text for each label.
  4. Print out the label.
  5. Cut the labels along the OUTER BLACK DOTTED LINES.
If you wish to be creative, you can even download the template file and make changes yourselves and create your own label from these templates.  The templates are editable so you can change the colors or add new patterns to them if you wish.  Nothing beats having a binder with a DIY label that only you have because it's your own design!
You can now also search for templates on our website.  Simply do a search for 'templates' in our search bar and all downloadable templates will come up as your search results.

Note: This is NOT a search bar. Image for reference only.

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