Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Introducing Keepfling New Sheet Protector Tabs

We are very excited here at Keepfiling as we get ready to launch our latest product that we believe will make organizing a lot easier for everyone, and also allows us to offer a complete solution for you to organize and manage your documents.

Say hello to our NEW Keepfiling Sheet Protector Tabs.

As the name suggest, these are tabs that you can use on the sheet protectors in your binders. 

Keepfiling All White Sheet Protector Tabs
Keepfiling Multicolor Sheet Protector Tabs

With these tabs, you can easily divide your binder into appropriate sections and they will also make it easier for you to browse through your documents.  You can easily personalize the tabs by writing onto them with your own text.  Whether it's a binder of your favorite recipes, CD/DVD of music or movies, business documents, art, or even a portfolio, these tabs will make organizing easier and even add a bit of color to your collection.

In short, Keepfiling Sheet Protector Tabs will:
  • Index your binders that are filled with sheet protectors. 
  • Organize all your projects, making them a joy and easy to use. 
  • Make every project personal; created by you, and for you. 
  • Add cool fresh stylish colors to your collection.

The Tabs are also:
  • Double-sided (for writing) and self-adhesive - super strong. 
  • Stiff and durable - NOT flimsy 
  • Suitable for ALL sizes of sheet protectors. 
  • Permanent. 
  • Easy to use.
Personalize your tabs by 
writing your own labels


Different than some of the other indexing tabs you will find on the market, Keepfiling's Sheet Protector Tabs are specially designed to work specifically with sheet protectors so that they are strong and will stick on permanently.  Nothing is more frustrating than have tabs that don't stick on the right way and keeps falling off.  Keepfiling Sheet Protector Tabs are super strong self-adhesive.  They can be repositioned initially after you first stick them onto the sheet protector, but once after that they will stick on almost permanently unless excessive force is used to rip them off.


As we touched on this earlier, these Tabs are not only easy and convenient to use but they also make organizing and browsing much more convenient.  First you can personalize the Tabs by simply writing on to them whatever you think is appropriate.  If you don't want to or don't know what to write, the Multicolor Pack can be used a color-coding option so that each color can represent a different section or category.

Once you're personalized the Tabs and stuck them onto the sheet protectors, you've successfully divided your binder into sections and browsing will be much easier as you can flip through the pages using the tabs are handles and section breaks.

Tip: Remember to write on both sides of the Tabs so that you can still see your indexes when the pages are turned.


With Keepfiling Sheet Protector Tabs, we offer a complete solution to help you organize or archive your documents.  Remember these Tabs are designed to work with sheet protectors, therefore they will be long lasting and anyone with binders filled with sheet protectors will want to use these Tabs to help them divide and organize their binders.  Also important is that Keepfiling binders are designed with extra width so that when the Tabs are stuck onto the sheet protectors they won't extend outside of the binder, but are rather tucked nicely within the binder.

With Keepfiling Binders, Sheet Protectors, and now our New Keepfiling Sheet Protector Tabs, we can truly offer a complete set of products that will be your best solution to organizing or archiving documents of varies sizes and types.


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