Friday, October 24, 2014

Binder and Sheet Protector Combos

Binders and sheet protectors should always be used together for the best possible organizing and archiving solution. You may think just buying a binder is enough to keep your documents safe, but that’s not true. Without sheet protectors, you’re going to have to punch holes into your paper and that itself will already damage the paper. On top of that, without sheet protectors, your papers are not protected from possible spillages like when you accidentally knock over your beverage cup. With sheet protectors you can also keep dusts and dirty fingerprints off your paper. Only when binders and sheet protectors are used together, then you will have the best possible solution for organizing and protecting your papers.

With that in mind, it’s also important that your binder and sheet protectors to be for fitted for each other. This means having a binder where there is enough space so that the sheet protectors don’t stick out from the edges. If sheet protectors start sticking out from the edge then they are exposed and could endure damages.

So how do you make sure your binders and sheet protectors are fitted for each other? You might have to shop around a long time to find the right binder.

With Keepfiling, you don’t have to shop around. We offer matching binders and sheet protectors that will fit each other perfectly. They are offered in we call Combos as to make your shopping experience with us as simple and hassle free as possible. With every combo, you will get one binder plus 1-3 packs of matching sheet protectors (the number of packs depends on each Combo specifically). As our binders and sheet protectors are designed specifically for each other, they will fit perfectly with just enough space for the sheet protectors to be stored within the binder borders. Your documents will not stick out from the binder edges, nor will the binder be too big for the sheet protectors and become too unhandy and heavy for you to handle. Furthermore, we’ve also made sure that there is just enough space for you to add indexing tabs on your sheet protectors. Tabs won’t stick over the side and be protected as well.

Buy Keepfiling Binder and Sheet Protectors Combo

One of the most common questions we get from our customers is if a certain type of sheet protector will fit with the binder. The answer is yes they do. All binders and sheet protectors are designed by Keepfiling, therefore we have total control over their dimensions. With sheet protectors, not only do we take into account of the actual paper size but we add just enough room to the sheet protector size so that it’s very easy for our customers to slide in their paper. This extra space could just be a mere extra 1/8 of an inch, but is a huge difference in making sure it’s easy to slide paper in while at the same time stay nicely tucked in with the sheet protector. As for binders, we specify the dimensions so that there is always a bit of extra room all around so that the sheets won’t stick out from the binder, either from the sides or from the bottom. And this extra room we give is also just enough so that you can add tabs to the sheet protectors if you wish to index the contents.

Shop for Keepfiling binder and sheet protector combos now to make sure your binders and sheet protectors fit together. Buy selected Combos now and also enjoy a special discount for 1 pack of our Sheet Protector Tabs.

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