Monday, January 12, 2015

Back to Work - Your Trustworthy Letter Size Binder

2015 has arrived, which also means the celebrations are over and it’s time to get back to work! Nothing feels better than having some new products to use in the New Year to replace some of the old ones that you’ve had. Things like binders, sheet protectors and other office products absorb a certain amount of wear and tear so it’s always nice to replace them for the year ahead. Starting from January 7, until the 23, selected items will be on sale so you can get them at a great price to refresh some of your existing products.

Remember to come back there to check out what some of the products are that we have featured for this promotion! First, let us start with the standard Letter Size Binder.

Your Trustworthy Letter Size Binder

Letter size paper is the standard paper size used in almost all offices. Some offices might also use odd size papers, but they will still have to have some Letter size documents to deal with. So how do you handle these documents? How do you organize, sort, protect, and archive them? Well, there’s always our trust Letter Size Binder.

You can always count on our Letter Size Binder in doing all of the above for you. You can insert your paper into them so they will be organized and kept together in one place. Our Letter Size Binder will protect them from getting dirty or ruined, especially if you also use sheet protectors. You can sort the binders by different contents inside, and place them nicely onto shelves so they can be easily accessed. They even look nice and professional with a Scandinavian type design, and are available in different colors, so it can actually be something nice for the eyes to look at in the office even if you are not always using them. Rest assured though that they not only look nice, but are durable and always reliable.

Here’s a list of the features with our Letter Size Binder:
  • Scandinavian design
  • 3 ring binder, with D-rings
  • Clear inside pocket for extra storage 
  • Finger hole for convenience when moving binder on and off shelves; color matching with binder color
  • Label on binder spine
  • Available in: Red, Sapphire Blue, Lime Green, White
  • Durable
  • Archival safe, made with up to 65% polypropylene
For the Back to Work Promotion, we are giving you a speical Letter Size Binder deal -

for $56.28 ONLY you get 10 binders plus 2 for FREE !

That is less than $5 for a binder with this promotion.  The normal price per binder is $5.88.

Click here to learn more about this Buy 10 get 2 FREE Letter Size Binder deal.

Buy 10 Get 2 Free Keepfiling Letter Size Binder

Don't hesitate and shop now, it's your chance to start the New Year by saving some money!

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