Thursday, January 29, 2015

5 Must Have CD/DVD Organizing Products

Believe it or not, while it may seem like CD and DVDs are dying because almost everything is becoming truly "digital" (i.e. downloadable music and movies), they still are a big part of our lives.  Music CD are still being produced.  Movies and games are still released onto DVD and Blu-ray.  Some offices still backup their documents onto CD/DVD as a backup to the backup in case hard drives become faulty.  So there are still uses for CD and DVDs, and when there is a use for it, there is also a need for organizing them.

You want to be able to store and organize your music and movies neatly without taking up too much space, but that's hard to do because of the bulky jewel and DVD boxes. Or you might want to keep a copy of your document with the CD/DVD but you can't because there is no proper way to do it.  Well what if I told you here at Keepfiling we have exactly all the products you need for keeping CD and DVDs organized?

Here are the 5 must have CD and DVD organizing products from Keepfiling.

1. CD Sleeves

Simple and useful. Store CD or DVDs in this sleeve to save space.  One sleeve can hold 2 discs, front and back.  If you prefer, you can also place the music cover pages from the jewel boxes in the front pocket of the sleeves.  It's light weight design lets you carry it around if needed.  The polypropylene material does a great job in protecting the disc, preventing it from getting scratches. Also, the non-glare pocket makes it easy to see writings or labels on the disc, plus the V-design makes it easy to insert and remove discs.

Learn more about our disc sleeves on our website.

2. Mini CD Binder

This is the perfect accessory to have with the aforementioned disc sleeves.  These binders are designed specifically for those sleeves so that you can organize your discs neatly, and more important, to save space.  Each binder can hold about 12-14 sleeves, so that's almost 24-28 discs per binder if you have 2 discs per sleeve.  Imagine all the space you save on your shelf by using these binders to organize music CDs, instead of placing each jewel boxes on the shelf.

Mini CD Binders can purchased individually, or in a set of 4 Mini CD Binders with sleeves to hold 96 discs!

3. CD & Document Sheet Protector

Ever had to hand in your homework in a printed copy and also a CD version?  Or did you want to keep a printed version of a document together with the CD copy?  If yes, then you'll understand how difficult it can be sometimes to keep those things together.  If you just use a regular sheet protector and drop the CD into it together with your document, you run the risk of the CD falling out at some point if you're not careful.  If you want to protect the disc a little more, you might put it into a jewel box first before into the sheet protector, but then because the jewel box is so bulky it sometimes ruins the sheet protector.  If those are some of the problems you run into, then Keepfiling has a solution for you - the CD & Document Sheet Protector.

As the product name suggests, this is a sheet protector that can hold both your documents and disc together.  It's designed with a separate pocket that is wield on the top of the sheet protector for the disc, making sure your discs and the document don't get separated.  It also has a index pocket for labels which are included for free!  The sheet protector itself is designed with a L shape opening, from the top to 3/4 down the right side.  This wide opening makes it easy to insert and remove paper, and also provides a bit more space so that it can fit more pages if necessary.  The CD & Document Sheet Protectors fit perfectly with Keepfiling's 3-ring Letter Size Binders.  It is also punched with holes for other 2 ring binder.

CD & Document Sheet Protectors can be purchased individually in packs of 10, or in a set with one Keepfiling Letter Size Binder and 2 packs of the sheet protectors (20 sheets total).

4. CD Pages with Index Pocket

Another simple but useful accessory to have for organizing CD or DVDs.  This disc page lets you organize 2 discs, and also has a index pocket for any labels you want to put in.  This is an excellent product to have if you have a lot of discs to organize and want to put them all together in a nice binder.  It's punched with holes for both 2 and 3 ring binders - perfect with Keepfiling Letter Size Binders. The glass clear polypropylene makes it easy to see the labels, and the super heavyweight material ensures its durability.

Purchase CD Pages with Index Pocket individually, or in a CD Pages Binder set with one letter size binder and 2 pack of the disc pages. 

5. CD Pages

These CD Pages are the simple version of the above page, without pockets for labels.  If you don't need to label your discs, then these are the pages you need.  Each page holds 2 disc, and will fit in any 2 or 3 ring binders. Made with super heavyweight polypropylene for great durability.

CD Pages can be purchased in packs of 10.

These are the 5 must have CD/DVD organizing products that Keepfiling offers.  With these products, organizing your discs will never be a problem anymore.  We also has a wide variety of other organizing products, be sure to check out what we have on Keepfiling website!

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