Friday, July 17, 2015

Our New Organizing Webste

During the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed that our website has undergone a major revamp. We felt like it was time to change things as the old website was starting to be a bit outdated in terms of its look, design and feel. Furthermore, we felt like we could really change the website to help enhance the overall shopping experience, making it much easier and enjoyable to shop at

Here's what we've changed and why we changed it.
  1. Larger Pictures

    The previous Keepfiling website used smaller thumbnails and product pictures due to the layout constraints. Now, we’ve made them larger so it’s easier for you to see them. We understand most users will react to pictures first, compared to text. So we wanted the pictures to standout more and be able to catch your attention first. We also understand that it’s important to have good pictures because it gives you the first impression on how the products actually are. This is especially important as an ecommerce site because you are unable to touch and feel the actual product, so the picture must offer a good first impression. We believe the use of larger thumbnails and product pictures offer you a better first impression of our binders and sheet protectors.
  2. Top Down Top Navigation

    Navigation is an important part of any website. In the past, we utilized a left side navigation menu to direct visitor to the different category of products we have. In our new design, we’ve opted for a simpler top drop down navigation for our main menu which is more stylish and more importantly, much easier to see and use. This new top menu directs you to the main categories that our products are divided into. If the main category is divided into several other sub categories, than a drop down will appear when you hover over the main category.

    Once you’ve selected a category, you will notice that the left navigation is still active. This is to make is easier for you to know which category you are browsing at the moment. You will see that if, for example you are in the landscape section of the sheet protectors, the left navigation will expand accordingly to reflect your location. It’s another feature that we believe will enhance your overall shopping experience, making is easier to know where you are and to browse different products.
  3. New Search Bar

    The search bar is not located on the top right corner (next to the shopping cart icon). In the past, the search bar was placed along the left navigation in between two menus which sometimes was overlooked and was not utilized enough by our visitors. That is why we’ve now decided to move it to a more obvious and easily accessible place. We want to encourage visitors to use the search bar so they can quickly find what they are looking for.

  4. Separate Login Menu for Returning Customer

    To help our valued returning customers, a new My Account menu is featured on the top left corner of the website. This gives quick access to you for logging in and tracking your orders. Your login email and passwords remain the same. If you have forgotten your password, you can retrieve it by clicking the 'Forget your password?' link on the login page. For new customers, we encourage you to create an account with us so that it’s easier for you to track orders, and place orders again with us since we know you’ll love our products and come back again.
  5. Overall Design

    It was time for a change. We've managed to keep and integrate several aspects from our old website into the new design. For example we've kept our signature blue as the main color theme.
We hope you enjoy the new website and find your experience at a fun and enjoyable one. If you'd like to share your thoughts and experience to us with the new website, or if you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email! We appreciate all your comments and will be sure to get back to you if you have questions or concerns.

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