Monday, September 07, 2015

Shopping Tip with Keepfiling

Here at Keepfiling, not only do we want to offer you the best binders and sheet protectors available but we also want to provide you with an excellent online shopping experience.  With the our recent website revamp, we hope to have improved what was already a great experience to an even better one.

How a website function is only one part of that experience.  There are other aspects such as special offers and deals that will make your shopping experience with us even better.  One particular 'deal' that has always been with us but perhaps sometimes forgotten is our 'Quantity Discount' deal.  This discount is a great way for shoppers to save a few more bucks if they buy products in larger quantities.  Each product offers a different Quantity Discount so make sure you check the details of each product to know how many you must purchase before the discount applies.  While not all products have a Quantity Discount, we've tried to make it available for most of them.  If available, the details are always listed in a table on the right of the product page next to the price of the product.

Group Buy

As the discount name implies, Quantity Discount only applies when a product is purchased in larger quantities.  While this might be useful for customers that uses a lot of binders and sheet protectors, the average shopper that tends to only buy 1-2 binders or 2-3 packs of sheet protectors at a time can also make use of this discount if they are able to group their purchases.  Perhaps you know have a friend or a neighbor that also needs to get several binders and packs of sheet protectors.  Maybe you're in a homeschool community and your homeschool group needs to restock on binders and sheet protectors.

Then what you can do is assign an individual as the buyer, and he or she will write down the total number of binders and sheet protectors that the whole group needs and place the order online with us.  This way, you can get the Quantity Discount for the products you're ordering plus since your order is now larger, you will most probably reach the $50 mark for free shipping which is always nice!  Of course, once this selected individual receives the products from us, he or she will have to pass them along to the rest of the group.  If you're together in a community, are neighbors or friends, then this won't be too hard to work out yourselves.

We understand our shipping rates can be high especially if you're only buying one binder or a pack of sheet protectors.  Unfortunately, it is out of our control with the way shipping rates are increasing each year.  We also understand that it might seem ridiculous to pay $14 shipping for a $5 product, but shipping rates are not calculated based on the value of a product.  It's based on the size and weight.  That is why we offer the Quantity Discount, to encourage you and provide an incentive to purchase more of a product and reach the free shipping mark of $50.

Remember to check each individual product for Quantity Discount details.  Quantity Discount is not offered on all products.

We hope you find this tip useful and always check back here for other tips and Keepfiling news.  You can also follow us on social media for latest updates.

Keepfiling - keep smiling :)

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