Friday, October 30, 2015

New White Zen Binders

For years Keepfiling has been offering our typical black binders with a combination of either the red, blue, green or white color.  It's sort of been our identity.  This time around though, we are offering a all new binder that is yet again focused on functionality, but also with style and a bit of fun in it.

We are proud to introduce the White Zen View Binders.  As the name suggests, these binders are in white - a great contrast to our existing line of binders for those who are seeking for a bit of alternative.  Furthermore, a new function or feature that we've added to the binder is a clear front cover pocket.

Letter Size White Zen View Binder 11 x 17 White Zen View Binder 17 x 11 Landscape White Zen View Binder 5.5 x 8.5 White Zen View Binder 11 x 8.5 Landscape White Zen View Binder

What this clear front cover pocket does is it lets you insert a cover sheet for the binder.  This cover sheet lets your to easy identify what the contents are inside the binder.  For example if it's a presentation binder then you'll definitely want to have a cover sheet identifying the subject, who the presenters are, etc.  On the other hand, if it's not a presentation binder but perhaps used for something less formal like a school binder then you can even have your kids or students to create their own cover sheet and insert them into the pocket.  It's really is all up to your own creativity.  Each binder can be unique with their own cover sheet and that's what we want you to enjoy.  The process of creating something unique and personal or professional to be used.

Other than adding the cover pocket to the binder, we've also designed a mounting sheet that will help keep the cover sheet centered when inside the pocket.  This is a custom designed mounting sheet that you cannot buy elsewhere.  We've spent time and paid great attention to the details of the mounting sheet to make sure it fits perfectly into the cover pocket.  What we've done is used 'ears' on the mounting sheet that you can place your cover sheet into.  These 'ears' will make sure your cover sheet is secured and centered at all times.

The White Zen View Binders:
  • Clear front cover pocket for cover sheet
  • Custom made mounting sheet for securing and centering cover sheet
  • Professional looking
  • Easy to use
  • Cool and unique binders for everyone

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